Freelance Rates

I offer free consultations for all projects. To book, email with a brief description of your project, including timeline and budget. Please feel free to include references or samples. Expect a reply from me within 7 days, and feel free to send a polite nudge thereafter.

Thank you for your interest in my services!

Editing —
  • $5 - 7 per poem

  • Collection rate: $75 for 15 poems; discounted rates available for larger projects.

Prose (Fiction/CNF)
  • $0.04 per word

  • Collection rate: $375 for 10,000 words; discounted rates available for larger projects.

Academic Content
  • $0.15 per word on average

  • Good for developmental editing, copyediting, line editing, sensitivity reading and proofreading.

SEO Optimization
  • $50 per hour on average

  • Good for articles, blog posts, copy, social media, and digital advertisements.

Writing —
Articles & Blog Posts
  • $0.42 per word

  • Rates may vary depending on type of post, turnaround times, and amount of research or SEO required.

  • $100 per 250 words

  • Good for artist statement, author bios, mission statements, professional statements, etc.

Promotional Copy
  • $50 per 100 words

  • Rates may vary by project/product, turnaround times, and amount of research or SEO required.

  • $50 per 100 words

  • A copy of the print or digital product is required and not included in the rate. Honest reviews only.

Design —
Book Covers
  • $150 for front cover only

  • $250 for front and back cover

Marketing Materials
  • Good for: business cards, flyers, print materials

  • Rates vary depending on project type and client needs.

Web Design
  • $15 per graphic with optimized caption

  • $100 for feed UI update (profile photo with matching banner and highlight covers)

Social Media
  • $200 for basic portfolio site; sliding scale for more complex sites

  • Available in Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Zyro.

Other Publishing —
Consulting & Project Management
  • Rates vary depending on scope of project.

  • Discounted rates available for larger, long-term, or retainer-based projects.

Permissions & Image Research
  • $40 per hour

  • Good for: book covers, textbooks, articles, marketing materials and merch.

Manuscript Formatting
  • $0.02 per word

  • Good for print books and ebooks that need to be imported into InDesign, KDP, etc.

Anything Else
  • If you'd like help with something not on this list, please feel free to reach out to me about it.